" Catchy Riffs , Great Lyrics - The Best Band You Havent Heard Yet"

The Lo-Fi Rebels started as a 2 piece group from  Hampshire consisting of Matt Piper (Guitar and Vocals) and Craig Marshall (Drums and Vocals ) in 2015 with just and old Fender guitar to their name they sourced kit from charity shops and even a drum kit from a recycling tip   and started rehearsing and writing at a a small room in Fareham this began the journey to the recording of the debut album "Deadline to Breadline"


The Album was produced  by Jake Willmott who in 2017 joined on bass to complete the line up.

The group went back in to the studio in July 2018 to record the EP "Keep it Lo-Fi "


Jake Willmott


Craig Marshall

Matt Piper

Deadline To Breadline - 2017 - Album

"Tracks like Last Chance Saloon are built on the echoes of the pre-punk, London R&B pub-rock era that when sped up and stripped down become the musical template for British punk. Got Soul also hints at a more interesting record collection , 60's Psych rock meets twisted beat music and Carol even shows that the band are not ad versed to pop balladry, though obviously they drench it in visceral and raw guitars plus the odd jaunty retro riff and a lunatic crescendo...........Lo-Fi Rebels wear their "art on their sleeve" it may be cooler to reference happening indie bands or iconic American punk but the band are effectively channelling , reviving and updating a sound that has been wielded many times before from the likes of BB King to the Seeds to Dr Feelgood to Burning Tree proving that great music does stand the test of time . If these are intentional references then good on them, it shows that they not only have great taste but are aware of their place in musical history" - Dave Franklin - Dancing About Architecture

Keep It Lo-Fi - 2018 - EP

"Lo-Fi Rebels set on good and Singable songs instead of overproduced stuff with "Gosport Blowjob" they will convince you.

Torpedo with it's guitar heavy structure, the catchy voice and the great beat puts the listener right in party mood far away from the problems of everyday life no matter what you are doing right now" -Sven Pimpinella Becker, Dark Life Experience

Live Reviews

"This is what I want from a band: Confidence, good music and great crowd rapport.

..... They Were entertaining, funny, the music was great and the set flowed" - dindiefest blog review - Talking Heads  28th August 2018

"Pure and simple indie guitar rock that will have you dancing and smiling all  at  the same time" - Lesley and Dave Aston- Nod Ya Head Promotions

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